How would I pay for a Lybrica purchase?

Lybrica offers you different payment methods. Whatever your online method of payment, you can have confidence that Lybrica’s trusted payment portal partners utilize secure encryption technology to keep your transaction information classified consistently. You may use Internet Banking, Coupons, Cash on Delivery and Wallet to make your purchase. Lybrica also accepts payments made using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express credit/debit cards in India.

Are there any hidden charges  when I make a purchase on Lybrica?

There are NO hidden charges when you make a purchase on Lybrica. The prices posted for all the products are fixed and all-inclusive. The prices you see on the product page is actually what you pay.

Delivery charges might be extra relying upon the seller policy. Kindly check individual seller for the same.

What is Cash on Delivery?

If you are not feeling comfortable with making an online Payment on Lybrica.com, you can choose the Cash on Delivery (COD) payment method. With COD you can pay in cash during accepting your order at your doorstep, without expecting you to make any advance payment online.

The maximum order value for a Cash on Delivery (COD) Payment is ₹10,000. Coupons, Vouchers or store credit can’t be used for COD orders. Foreign currency cannot be used to make a COD payment. Only Indian Rupees accepted.

How would I pay utilizing a credit/debit card?

We acknowledge payments made by credit/debit cards issued in India and 21 different nations.

Credit cards

We accepts payments made using Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit cards.

To pay using your credit card at checkout, you will require your card number, expiry date, three-digit CVV number (found on the backside of your card). After entering the details, you will be diverted to the bank’s page for entering the online 3D Secure password.

Debit cards

We accept payment made using Visa, MasterCard and Maestro debit cards.

To pay using your debit card at checkout, you will require your card number, expiry date (Optional for Maestro cards), three-digit CVV number (Optional for Maestro cards). You will at that point be diverted to your bank’s protected page for entering your online password (provided by your bank) to finish the Payment.

Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on Lybrica?

Your online transaction on Lybrica is secure with the most significant levels of transaction security as of now accessible on the Internet. Lybrica uses 256-piece encryption technology to protect your card information while safely transmitting it to the corresponding banks for payment processing.

All credit card and debit card payments on Lybrica are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways under surveillance of leading banks. Banks presently use the 3D secure password service for online transactions, giving an extra layer of security through personality verification.

What steps does Lybrica take to prevent card fraud?

Lybrica understands the significance of a solid fraud detection and goals capacity. We and our online payments partners monitor transactions continuously for suspicious activity and flag potentially fraudulent transactions for manual verification by our team.

In the rarest of uncommon cases, when our group can’t preclude the chance of fraud completely, the transaction is kept on hold, and the costumer is mentioned to give personality documents. The ID documents assist us with guaranteeing that the purchases were for sure made by a certified card holder. We apologize for any inconvenience that might be caused to customers and request them to hold up under with us in the bigger interest of guaranteeing a protected and make sure about condition for online exchanges.